Mister Organ

In Cinemas December 10

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Title Treatment

“Couldn't recommend a film more highly. If you want proof that fact is stranger than fiction - WOW”

Stephen Fry

“As bonkers and eccentric as it is jaw-dropping and disturbing”


In Cinemas December 10

Festival Screenings

Mister Organ had its World Premiere as part of the Fantastic Fest in Austin TX - this listing will be updated as we get information on upcoming festivals.

From David Farrier, the filmmaker behind Tickled & Dark Tourist

Journalist and filmmaker David Farrier (Tickled, Dark Tourist) unwittingly stumbles into a game of cat and mouse with a mystery man creating havoc in his neighbourhood, wheel clamping cars at a local antique store.

That clamper was Michael Organ, and little did Farrier know that delving deeper into who Organ really is, would be a thrilling and tension filled three year long investigation, unearthing a trail of multiple court cases, inflated claims of royal bloodlines, ruined lives, and at least one stolen boat.

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