Nam June Paik

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“Essential viewing for anyone interested in the origins of video art.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“A tantalising portrait of a revolutionary Korean-born-artist”


In Cinemas Now

Nam June Paik - Poster

A film by Amanda Kim. Narrated by Steven Yeun.

“The George Washington of Video Art” … “Cultural Terrorist” … “Citizen Zero of the Electronic Superhighway” … But who really was Nam June Paik, pillar of the American avant-garde in the 20th century and arguably the most famous Korean artist in modern history? Director Amanda Kim tells, for the first time, the story of Paik’s meteoric rise in the New York art scene and his Nostradamus-like visions of a future in which “everybody will have his own TV channel.” Thanks to social media, Paik’s future is now our present, and NAM JUNE PAIK: MOON IS THE OLDEST TV shows us how we got here.

Rating: CTC

Runtime: 109mins

Nam June Paik - Poster