First Glance at 2024 Sydney Film Festival

The 2024 film festival season has officially begun with Sydney Film Festival launching
a sneak peak at their exciting program for this year!

Below are a few of the highlights from the announcement, which will be screening during
the festival between June 5 – 16.

More info on this year’s Sydney Film Festival is available here:

COPA '71

After winning over crowds at Toronto and London film festival’s, SFF will be bringing the roaring crowds of Mexico City in 1971 to Australian audiences in 2024!

Told by the pioneering women who participated in it and built from archives unseen for fifty years, this is the extraordinary story of the 1971 Women’s Soccer World Cup, a tournament witnessed by record crowds that has been written out of sporting history – until now.

An immensely inspiring and highly entertaining documentary, COPA ’71 revels in the excitement, passion and humour of his inexplicably well-kept secret, told through the voices of those who lived it.

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IN VITRO is a moody and atmospheric homegrown sci-fi, set in a world of secrets and hidden agendas where nothing is as it seems.

On an isolated homestead, cattle breeders Layla and Jack begin to notice a number of unsettling occurrences beginning to take place on their property. As Layla begins to question and investigate, she discovers that there is a disturbing presence on their property.

This gripping and inventive thriller creates a grounded science fiction world, with captivating performances that help us examine something important about the times we currently live in.

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Founded in 1930 in central France, the Troisgros family restaurant has been holding 3 Michelin stars for 55 years over four generations. With MENUS PLAISIRS – LES TROISGROS, legendary documentarian Frederick Wiseman explores this family’s culinary world as the restaurant is handed over to the 4th generation of Troisgros chefs.

From the market to pick fresh vegetables, to a cheese processing plant, a vineyard, an organic cattle ranch to the backyard garden supplying the restaurant, Wiseman takes the audience on a mouthwatering and sense-pleasing journey into the family’s three restaurant kitchens.

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The stunning and heartfelt directorial debut from Rachel House, THE MOUNTAIN is a film about three newly connected kids, and the kind of friendship that changes us forever.

Sam, a fearless young girl raised outside of her Māori culture, is determined to fulfil her mission of connecting with her mountain in the hope they can heal her. Along the way she meets some misfits and new kids in town – Mallory, hoping to find friends, any kind of friends – and Bronco who claims to be a runaway from his dad who is too busy to notice him. As they make their way through the difficult “off the beaten track” route, they learn the true spirit of adventure and the magic of friendship.

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