Ride Your Wave

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“...a charming and heartfelt story... with realistic and likeable characters that may even teach you something about yourself.”

Rafael Motamayor, SLASHFILM

“...an uplifting story of rebuilding and regrowth.”

Hannah Collins, CBR

“Yuasa entrances the eye, but he also know how to make your heart soar with this deft, delicate, and highly entertaining story...”

Richard Whittaker, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Ride Your Wave - Poster

A heartfelt & moving story from acclaimed filmmaker, Masaaki Yuasa (DEVILMAN CRYBABY).

Upon entering university, Hinako moves to a coastal town. She loves surfing, and when she’s on the waves she’s fearless, but still feels uncertain about her future.

When a fire wreaks havoc in the town, Hinako encounters the young firefighter Minato. As they surf and spend more time together, Hinako feels drawn to someone like Minato who devotes himself to helping other people. Hinako also holds a special place in Minato’s heart.

Winner of multiple 2019 Best Animated Feature awards, this charming, heartfelt and beautifully animated story is is coming soon to home video platforms.

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