The Australian Dream is a film that explores race, identity and belonging through the lens of what occurred on and off the football field between 2013 and 2015 with Adam Goodes. This film looks at the wider context of Australia, its history and highlights the unresolved issues of the nation since European settlement.

Our Australian Dream is an Australia that is founded on a deep sense of connection and belonging that allows all Australians to thrive. It is one that celebrates our collective history and the Australia that we could become.

When the truth of our history is told, we can all walk together. Are we ready?

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Towards The Dream - Our Plans For Outreach

We would like to recognise all the great work being done across sectors towards reconciliation and we invite everyone to connect with our vision and engage with the outreach materials that support “The Australian Dream”. There is space for all of our stories and voices to be heard, shared and celebrated. Now is the time to tell a new story of who we are as Australians.

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