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“Chimes in well with the growing anti-corporatist sentiment among an increasingly politicised generation of young people”

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Remastered in 4K on Digital and available on Blu-ray for the first time.

Power. Corruption, Revenge. With a stellar local cast including David Wenham, Sibylla Budd and Anthony LaPaglia THE BANK is a corporate thriller in which the good guys lose and the rich guys just get richer. Centabank CEO Simon O'Reilly (LaPaglia) declares that he is "like God, but with a better suit", and he is as ruthless as he is successful. But when a maverick mathematician, Jim Doyle (Wenham), joins O'Reilly's fold with a formula for predicting the fluctuations of the stock market, he must prove to his avaricious mentor that he follows the "greed is good" philosophy.

Rating: M

Runtime: 144mins

The Bank - Poster
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