The Velvet Queen

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“A dazzlingly beautiful film”

Le Parisian

“A celebration of beauty. Wild.”



Le Figaro

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A film by Marie Amiguet & Vincent Munier

High up on the Tibetan plateau. Amongst unexplored and inaccessible valleys lies one of the last sanctuaries of the wild world, where rare and undiscovered fauna lives. Vincent Munier, one of the world’s most renowned wildlife photographers takes the adventurer and novelist Sylvain Tesson (In the Forest of Siberia) with him on his latest mission. For several weeks, they’ll explore these valleys searching for unique animals and try to spot the snow leopard, one of the rarest and most difficult big cats to approach. Deeply moving images of pristine landscapes and the marvellous creatures populating Tibet with original music by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. The Velvet Queen is a poetic documentary and an exquisitely beautiful experience that leaves us questioning where humans belong in nature.  

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